Since I did the Rock’ing for 30 Days Challenge, I’ve been working on launching a (non-related) business and haven’t really been blogging. However, for these last 6 months, I’ve been following a similar training program that is fairly close to what The Rock normally does. (The 30-Day Challenge was his Hercules workout, which is more intense than usual.)

The Rock eating a sandwich like a normal person.

The Rock eating a sandwich like a normal person.

For this new approach, the workouts are similar but only 5x a week and with 1/2 the cardio. The diet has dropped from 7 to 5 meals. I’ve been eating a lot less cod, and replaced it with chicken breast.

Overall, I’ve been living a more balanced, normal life. I tend to have some cheat meals on the weekends, and occasionally drink. (Oh beer, why are you so delicious in the summer?)

I continue to get emails with questions about the Challenge, what I’ve been doing since, and what substitutions could be made. I have replied to every email I’ve received (and will continue to!), but as I’m often sharing the same information over and over, I decided to share it here.

Below are the details of what the eating and training has looked like since the Challenge ended. As always, feel free to send me any thoughts or questions. Or better yet, let’s chat on Twitter.

The Rock’ing For The Rest Of Us Program

Training (Mostly) Like The Rock

Monday – 25 minutes elliptical, Chest Workout
Tuesday – 25 minutes elliptical, Legs Workout
Wednesday – 25 minutes elliptical, Arms/Abs Workout
Thursday – 25 minutes elliptical, Back Workout
Friday – 25 minutes elliptical, Shoulders Workout

I dropped almost everything to three sets total, same number of reps. For the leg workout, I dropped all calf work to just three sets of 50 reps, seated calf raise.

Eating (Mostly) Like The Rock

Wakeup: 2 hard-boiled eggs. 1 cup oatmeal
Post-Workout Breakfast: 12oz sweet potato, 10 egg white omelet with a cup of red peppers
Lunch (First): 2 cups white rice, 8 oz chicken breast, cup of broccoli
Lunch (Second): 2 cups white rice, 8 oz chicken breast, cup of broccoli
Dinner: 8 oz steak, 12oz potato, spinach salad
Pre-bedtime: 2 scoops Naked Casein Protein, 5g creatine

Nutrition: Calories 3579, Carbs 451.4g, Fat 58.5g, Saturated Fat 17.7g, Protein 294g