Throughout the Rock’ing for 30 Day Challenge, The Rock has responded several times on Twitter.

First, about half-way through the month, I did a reddit post about what I was doing. AskMen wrote an article about the reddit post, and DJ responded:

So there was some doubt from the big man. But I persevered, and finished the challenge. Bleacher Report wrote about my accomplishment, which The Rock then saw:

I didn’t want to stop mid-week, so I ended up doing the challenge for 33 days. ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight shared some of the data behind this month, including the amount it cost.

ESPN shared the FiveThirtyEight piece. In that article, I explained my motivation for doing this challenge in the first place. The Rock appreciated the effort.

Overall, it’s been great to have The Rock respond. He has a reputation for paying attention to his fans, and from the looks of it, it’s well-deserved.