My paws are pretty beat up from this challenge. Granted, it’s winter here in New York City and my hands have a tendency to get a bit chapped every year anyway, but all this heavy lifting is taking its toll. And these are hands I already apply hand cream to several times a day and before I go to sleep. I have tried to workout with gloves before, but found they felt awkward, so that’s out. Not sure there is a solution here, as this seems to be a permanent condition of The Rock as well. Just the price you pay for being like Dwayne Johnson I guess.

Not Rock big, but approaching Rock rough.

Not Rock big, but approaching Rock rough.


I was about to type the word “wardrobe” to describe my clothes, but that isn’t quite reflective of my daily attire. I wear a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt almost every single day of my life. I’m also one of those “find a brand you like and buy a ton of them” kind of people. So almost all of my clothes fit exactly the same.

Now those clothes are starting to fit differently. The shoulders and arms of my t-shirts are starting to fit snugger than they did 10 days ago. My jeans are also hanging differently. They’re getting looser around my waist and hips, and a little bit tighter around the top portion of my legs. Looks like the two-times-a-week Leg Days are starting to show their effects.

Which makes me think. When Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk, all of his clothes tear off except for his jeans, which only shred below the knee. I guess the Hulk skips his lunges and leg presses on Leg Day.


So long, Stink-phones

As I ranted about last week, the bluetooth headphones I bought for this challenge have been driving me crazy. I finally got a new pair and used them for the first time today. They were absolutely glorious. Super light, fit great, and sound amazing. Made the whole workout much more enjoyable.

How did I find them? I googled “best headphones for working out” and found a conversation on reddit that mentioned this pair. So thank you reddit user MayhemMonkey for your solid recommendation.

Daily Stats

The quick summary: I’ve been pushing myself harder during cardio, and you can see the difference in a higher heart rate throughout.