Today was Back day. Working out my back is something I take seriously, because I’ve had terrible posture my entire life. You know that well-known image “Ascent of Man” showing the monkey evolving into a man? My natural stance is pretty much the second guy from the left. Walking upright, but hunched over.


So whenever I work out my back, I feel like I’m actively tackling one of my worst physical features. I’m putting in the work to take better care of myself and setting up my body to age gracefully. Bad posture is awful, and causes your entire body to deteriorate quickly as you get older. Ever since I’ve gotten in shape, my wife comments that I look taller, no doubt due to me not running around like I escaped from the zoo.

Sweet, Sweet Second Breakfast

After my eggs/cod/oatmeal buffet at the gym, my next meal is the one I have post-workout: sweet potatoes, cod, and mixed vegetables. I actually find myself looking forward to it all morning. That sweet potato is the only sweet thing I get to eat all month. I’m not a big sugar guy to begin with, but I definitely like having something sweet to enjoy every now and then.

I’ve made them two ways so far: mashed and cooked in the microwave. (Remember, I’m optimizing for cooking as efficiently as possible, not necessarily taste). Either way, you can’t go wrong with a sweet potato. Eight minutes in the microwave is almost as delicious as roasted in the oven. They are one of the few bright spots in this meal plan.

Silverback Without a Sweet Tooth

Just as I was spending the morning dreaming about enjoying something sweet, The Rock dropped a crazy fact on his Instagram today.

no-candyApparently he hasn’t had a piece of candy since 1989. That’s astonishing. What’s crazier is that he has a daughter that was born in 2001. Which means countless Halloweens, Valentine’s Days, and Easters have gone by, all without her dad having a piece of candy. That’s an insane level of commitment and frankly, not sure one I personally would want to follow.

A whole life without another Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? I shudder at the thought.

Daily Stats

I have terrible discipline around turning off my Fitbit tracking after the elliptical but before I sit down to eat. I’m so focused on my chow that I forget to stop it, and usually don’t until I start my weights, which is why almost every day you can see the dip for 15-20 at the end. Have to get better about that.