When I started this challenge, I did some research to put together the overall training and eating plan. This wasn’t that hard, as there were three main sources to work with. The first was the Man of the Century issue of Muscle and Fitness that was published last Spring. This had The Rock’s diet and training program, and is the main foundation for this challenge. The man himself also released his meal plan on Instagram, which verified much of the diet. And lastly, when the movie Hercules was released, The Rock released all the details of the diet/training program he used to prepare for the role. This was the workout I have followed this month.

Throughout the month, as I have looked for photos or tried to answer a specific question for myself, I have stumbled on other articles and interviews. One such interview was the video embedded below. In it, DJ walks a USA Today reporter through what he ate while training for Hercules. It isn’t exactly what I’m eating (I’m following the M&F Meal Plan), and the portions are smaller (that’s not 2 cups of white rice!) but it’s close and should give you a good idea of what’s involved.

The Rock’s Secret to Eating So Much

During that video, The Rock mentioned one pro-tip towards eating 7 meals every day. Each of his meals wasn’t plated, but already cut-up and placed in a container that could just be heated up and wolfed down. The makes a lot of sense, as he was likely eating on set and didn’t have time to sit down for a proper meal.

I imagine this saves a lot of time. I take my meals out of the container, plate it, and eat each separate portion of the meal, cutting up the chicken, steak, or potatoes when needed. My approach is definitely more appetizing, judging from some of the meal photos The Rock has shared on Instagram.

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Still, in an effort to fully embrace his strategy, perhaps I’ll chop up all the food on one of my remaining days to see how it compares.

So Long, Legs!

Leg day has definitely been the toughest workout this month. It happens every Tuesday and Saturday, but since I’m done on Friday, today was the last one. On one hand I was happy to be finished, but in a weird way, I will probably miss it.

After this challenge, I will definitely be doing much more intense workouts than I had been prior. I will likely do a modified version of Leg Day starting next week, but with less overall reps. So no 200 reps on the Leg Press, or 650 calf raises. In comparison, every workout will probably seem easy!

Daily Stats

As it was my last Leg Day, I pushed myself hard. Felt good.