As I did the research to put together this challenge, one piece of information I couldn’t find what was kind of weight The Rock uses for each exercise. Now, clearly I couldn’t use the same weights he does, but I thought it’d be informative to see what he lifted for each. I also thought it would be entertaining to see how I stack up against the Big Man.

I’ve continued to find new articles and information throughout the month, and I recently stumbled upon an eating and training plan he shared towards the end of 2010. This site seems only quasi-legit, but I saw the same workout on several sites from around the same time, so I assume it’s somewhat accurate (if anyone knows where it’s from, tweet at me). This was the plan he apparently used to prepare for the Fast and The Furious 5. I am surprised at the weights listed, I would have thought they would be much heavier. Clearly The Rock is capable of lifting much heavier than this.

Below I listed a handful of the exercises that are still a part of the plan I’m following, along with the weights The Rock used and the weights I used during this, my last week of the challenge.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise
The Rock: Sets (3), Reps (8), Weight (30)
Me: Sets (4). Reps (12),Weight (25)

Close-Grip Cable Pull Down
The Rock: Sets (5), Reps (12,10,8,6,4), Weight (120-240)
Me: Sets (3), Reps (12), Weight (150-180)

Leg Press
The Rock: Sets (4), Reps (25,20,18,16/25), Weight (270-450)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (50), Weight (160-220)

Preacher-Machine Curl
The Rock: Sets (6), Reps(12,10,8,6,21,21), Weight (50-100, 50)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (12), Weight: (55-65)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
The Rock: Sets (5), Reps (12,10,8,6,4), Weight (75-120)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (12), Weight (100-130)

Clearly The Rock was not trying to get huge on this workout. The rest of the Chest workout is fairly¬†light-weight considering his size, so I assume he was trying to reduce his chest size for this role. But I thought it’d be fun to put up these numbers.

So How Much Does The Rock Bench?

The majority of The Rock workouts shared online have a high number of sets and reps, so the weight numbers aren’t the maximums he can lift, which is usually what someone is looking for when asking that question.

In the TMZ video below, the reporter asks The Rock how much he squats and benches. And The Rock gives the only answer appropriate for that question:

“What are we, in high school?” Amen, Rock.

“After” Photos

Still debating what kind of “after” photos to share. I didn’t take a ton of before photos, as I didn’t really take this challenge just for the results. But I do get asked about it often, so it feels natural to put up some kind of comparison.

Whatever I decide, I’m going to take them this weekend. So stay tuned.

Daily Stats

Arms Days are almost a vacation compared to Leg Day. Leg Day yesterday took 101 minutes, and burned 729 calories. Today was 69 minutes and 413 calories. Good times.