I’m officially at the half-way point of 30 days of eating and training like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

When I started this challenge, I questioned whether I would be able to finish it. Part of keeping this blog was to make the journey public, so that I knew if I failed, everyone would know. This is also why I share it on Facebook and Twitter every day, to force me to be disciplined about writing a daily post. When I missed two days of blogging during the first weekend, it was mentioned to me, which was just what I wanted. Since then I haven’t missed one. And I haven’t missed a single meal or workout.

I use the same size weights for my workout.

I use the same size weights for my workout.

Typhoid Toddler

I feel my chances of making it through this challenge are fairly good at this point. The two things I worry about are getting an injury, or catching a cold. I’m being fanatical about maintaining good form as I lift, and do a full 10 minutes of foam rolling and stretching every day after my workout so I’m confident I’ll make it through relatively injury-free. The only injury I have sustained so far was during this past week when a wooden chair from Pottery Barn Kids fell on my bare foot at home. It hurt, but I survived. (Being a parent seems to be more dangerous than being The Rock).

It’s staying healthy that worries me. My daughter has a cold right now, and many times that runny nose and cough moves over to her dad. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen this time, though I don’t have much of a strategy for preventing it. (Baby in a bubble?)

By The Numbers

As I’m at the half-way point, it’s worth taking a look back at the stats behind these 15 days:

The Training
969 minutes of Weight Training (16.15 hours)

750 minutes of Elliptical Cardio (12.5 hours)
5053 Total Reps (including 2500 Calf Raises)

The Eating
33.75lbs of Cod
180 Eggs (150 egg whites)
80,850 Total Calories

~150lbs Total of Food

I will probably never eat cod again after this month.

I will probably never eat cod again after this month. That bowl is two days worth.

Physical Changes

Since starting this plan 15 days ago, I have gained less than one pound. Considering I’m eating a meal plan for someone who is 6’5″ and 260lbs, this was a huge surprise. I really thought I would put on weight.

But I seem to be adding muscle while also getting leaner at the same time. I think by the end of the challenge, the difference will be noticeable enough in a t-shirt that I can spare myself the humiliation of a shirtless selfie.

15 Days down, 15 to go. Let’s do this.