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One Man's Journey to Eat and Train Like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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Day 33 (Last Day): Impressing The Rock, Feeling the Love, and Disciplined to the End

This is the final day of the Rock’ing for 30 Days challenge. I hit 30 days on Tuesday, but decided to finish out the week. This worked out especially well, as FiveThirtyEight published an article about my journey.

This led to supportive tweets and congratulations from friends and family on Facebook. It was the perfect ending to what has been a long month, and made my last day feel like a big event.

Several other outlets wrote about the FiveThirtyEight post, including one on Bleacher Report. This caught the attention of The Rock, who tweeted this out to his 9 million followers.


It felt great to have the big man himself acknowledge the discipline this month took. As I’ve mentioned, this entire challenge for me was an exercise in discipline and dedication, not about trying to look like The Rock. It was all about the journey, not the destination. So it was nice to see that’s what he picked up on. We’ve come a long from from two weeks ago when he had his doubts.

Feeling the Love

The article led to a ton of tweets, emails, and Facebook posts congratulating me on finishing. I appreciated every single one, and made sure to respond to everyone who was kind enough to say something. My favorite part of the day though was waking up at 5am to make my oatmeal before heading to the gym, and finding this sitting on the counter waiting for me.

My girls surprised me with this in the morning.

My girls surprised me with this in the morning.

My wife and my daughter made me a card to wish me a great last day. My wife has been supportive throughout this entire challenge, dealing with an overcrowded dishwasher, a busy cafeteria in the kitchen every three days, and a husband who is shoveling food in his mouth around the clock. I’m lucky to have a great partner for such crazy endeavors.

The Clock Don’t Stop and Neither Do I

Today is my last day, but it’s still the entire day. When I got home from work, I was tempted to be done, and to celebrate a bit. My brother-in-law even asked if I was drinking a beer yet to celebrate.

But I had to finish out the day. Taking it easy doesn’t start until the following morning. So I ate my meals, made my eggs, and finished a protein shake before going to sleep. Disciplined to the end.

Daily Stats

It looks like I definitely pushed myself during cardio on my last day. I burned almost 100 more calories than I did before. Maybe that will be my new motto. “Train everyday like it’s your last.”


Day 32: Fitness Fundamentalism, Saving Your Machine, and My Last Cod Purchase

Throughout this 30 day challenge, there have been several articles written and shared the interwebs, leading to…spirited discussions in the comments sections, online forums, and reddit about the Rock’s training regiment.

One thing is clear: people hold their views on how to workout seriously. Reading something that contradicts their view is often taken with great offense and a passionate reply is soon to follow. Whether it’s doing cardio while trying to gain muscle, using drop sets while lifting, or controversial views on “calories in, calories out,” people have a lot to say, and say it loudly. Many people have freely shared what I (and the Rock) are doing wrong in their eyes.

Like anyone else, I have my own opinions on fitness and what is or is not effective. The workout plan I’m doing includes several techniques I wouldn’t necessarily have tried otherwise. But it’s good to get outside your comfort zone, and test out new things. Fitness should be a life-long pursuit, and different approaches should be tried, tweaked, and evaluated constantly. The road is long, so enjoy the journey and don’t be beholden to your own dogma.

“Hey, I’m still using that.”

You know what’s broken? Our system for communicating to other gym-goers what stations we’re using, and vice versa. This is becoming much more apparent to me with so much time spent in the gym this month.

I’ve had people walk over to a station I’m using 10 minutes into it to let me know they’re using it (where have you been?). I’ve have waited for someone to return to a machine reserved with a towel, only to eventually realize it’s been abandoned. I have had people jump on a machine right in front of me during a 60 second rest without uttering a word. And I have lazily watched someone send text messages while in the general vicinity of a station, only to run over when they see you approach it.

I listened to a TED Radio Hour podcast this morning about why people lie. In studies, they greatly reduced the propensity of people to lie or cheat by having them sign an “honor code.” The simple act of signing the piece of paper made people exhibit better behavior. Perhaps when we join a gym, a “code of conduct” should be reviewed and signed by each new member. Maybe just emphasizing courteousness would make a difference.

So Long, You Tasty Bastard

I went to the fish market and made what was to be my last cod purchase for this challenge. Over the last 32 days, I have eaten nearly 75 lbs of cod. That’s a lot of fish. All steamed, with some seasoning sprinkled on. While I like fish, and cod is delicious, I don’t know when I would consider eating it again. We will definitely be taking a break from one another for some time.

Was it something I said?

You’re leaving me? Was it something I said?

Or who knows, maybe I’ll miss it so much I’ll come running right back. Time will tell.

Daily Stats

My last back day. Stayed in the “cardio zone” for 42 minutes. Yesterday it was 27 minutes. Felt good to keep that number up.


Day 31: Stacking Up to The Rock, How Much Does Rock Bench, and Selfies?

As I did the research to put together this challenge, one piece of information I couldn’t find what was kind of weight The Rock uses for each exercise. Now, clearly I couldn’t use the same weights he does, but I thought it’d be informative to see what he lifted for each. I also thought it would be entertaining to see how I stack up against the Big Man.

I’ve continued to find new articles and information throughout the month, and I recently stumbled upon an eating and training plan he shared towards the end of 2010. This site seems only quasi-legit, but I saw the same workout on several sites from around the same time, so I assume it’s somewhat accurate (if anyone knows where it’s from, tweet at me). This was the plan he apparently used to prepare for the Fast and The Furious 5. I am surprised at the weights listed, I would have thought they would be much heavier. Clearly The Rock is capable of lifting much heavier than this.

Below I listed a handful of the exercises that are still a part of the plan I’m following, along with the weights The Rock used and the weights I used during this, my last week of the challenge.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise
The Rock: Sets (3), Reps (8), Weight (30)
Me: Sets (4). Reps (12),Weight (25)

Close-Grip Cable Pull Down
The Rock: Sets (5), Reps (12,10,8,6,4), Weight (120-240)
Me: Sets (3), Reps (12), Weight (150-180)

Leg Press
The Rock: Sets (4), Reps (25,20,18,16/25), Weight (270-450)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (50), Weight (160-220)

Preacher-Machine Curl
The Rock: Sets (6), Reps(12,10,8,6,21,21), Weight (50-100, 50)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (12), Weight: (55-65)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
The Rock: Sets (5), Reps (12,10,8,6,4), Weight (75-120)
Me: Sets (4), Reps (12), Weight (100-130)

Clearly The Rock was not trying to get huge on this workout. The rest of the Chest workout is fairly light-weight considering his size, so I assume he was trying to reduce his chest size for this role. But I thought it’d be fun to put up these numbers.

So How Much Does The Rock Bench?

The majority of The Rock workouts shared online have a high number of sets and reps, so the weight numbers aren’t the maximums he can lift, which is usually what someone is looking for when asking that question.

In the TMZ video below, the reporter asks The Rock how much he squats and benches. And The Rock gives the only answer appropriate for that question:

“What are we, in high school?” Amen, Rock.

“After” Photos

Still debating what kind of “after” photos to share. I didn’t take a ton of before photos, as I didn’t really take this challenge just for the results. But I do get asked about it often, so it feels natural to put up some kind of comparison.

Whatever I decide, I’m going to take them this weekend. So stay tuned.

Daily Stats

Arms Days are almost a vacation compared to Leg Day. Leg Day yesterday took 101 minutes, and burned 729 calories. Today was 69 minutes and 413 calories. Good times.


Day 30: The Rock Discusses His Meals, An Eating Pro-tip, and Last Leg Day

When I started this challenge, I did some research to put together the overall training and eating plan. This wasn’t that hard, as there were three main sources to work with. The first was the Man of the Century issue of Muscle and Fitness that was published last Spring. This had The Rock’s diet and training program, and is the main foundation for this challenge. The man himself also released his meal plan on Instagram, which verified much of the diet. And lastly, when the movie Hercules was released, The Rock released all the details of the diet/training program he used to prepare for the role. This was the workout I have followed this month.

Throughout the month, as I have looked for photos or tried to answer a specific question for myself, I have stumbled on other articles and interviews. One such interview was the video embedded below. In it, DJ walks a USA Today reporter through what he ate while training for Hercules. It isn’t exactly what I’m eating (I’m following the M&F Meal Plan), and the portions are smaller (that’s not 2 cups of white rice!) but it’s close and should give you a good idea of what’s involved.

The Rock’s Secret to Eating So Much

During that video, The Rock mentioned one pro-tip towards eating 7 meals every day. Each of his meals wasn’t plated, but already cut-up and placed in a container that could just be heated up and wolfed down. The makes a lot of sense, as he was likely eating on set and didn’t have time to sit down for a proper meal.

I imagine this saves a lot of time. I take my meals out of the container, plate it, and eat each separate portion of the meal, cutting up the chicken, steak, or potatoes when needed. My approach is definitely more appetizing, judging from some of the meal photos The Rock has shared on Instagram.

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on

Still, in an effort to fully embrace his strategy, perhaps I’ll chop up all the food on one of my remaining days to see how it compares.

So Long, Legs!

Leg day has definitely been the toughest workout this month. It happens every Tuesday and Saturday, but since I’m done on Friday, today was the last one. On one hand I was happy to be finished, but in a weird way, I will probably miss it.

After this challenge, I will definitely be doing much more intense workouts than I had been prior. I will likely do a modified version of Leg Day starting next week, but with less overall reps. So no 200 reps on the Leg Press, or 650 calf raises. In comparison, every workout will probably seem easy!

Daily Stats

As it was my last Leg Day, I pushed myself hard. Felt good.



Day 29: Final Meal Prep, The Secret of Happiness, and Too Many Dishes

Today was a food prep day. I typically have been preparing meals for 3 days at a time. I prepare everything for 6 of my daily meals (I make the 10 egg-white omelet fresh every night), then purchase the fish every two days.

As I mentioned the other day, I decided to push this challenge out for a few more days, to finish up at the end of the week. This left me needing meals for four more days. I wasn’t too keen to do another prep session on Thursday for just one day’s worth of food, so I decided to prep 4 days worth at once.

Four days worth of food (not pictured: first meals, 10 egg-white omelets, protein shakes)

Four days worth of food (not pictured: first meals, 10 egg-white omelets, protein shakes)

It wasn’t much more work actually. My fantastic wife helped out by starting the four batches of white rice before I got home from work (4 days = 24 cups of white rice!). Then it was much of the same work, with some extra portions. It did require hand-washing the lunch containers I had just used, but overall, it was a smooth operation.

Stocked fridge, ready to go.

Stocked fridge, ready to go.

It did, of course, take a bunch of time, after which I still needed to make and eat my eggs, so I didn’t get to bed until around 11:30pm which was rough. Five hours of sleep the night before Leg Day isn’t recommended.

Science Tells Us How to Be Happy

As I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts during my workout, I have become addicted to the TED Radio Hour. This one-hour show takes a few TED talks and digs into them through a specific theme. This morning I listened to one about Happiness. Researcher Matt Killingsworth was one of the guests, and he discussed the findings he has gathered with his Track Your Happiness mobile app. The app allows people to continually share information about what they’re doing at the moment, what they’re thinking, and how they’re feeling.

One big finding in the data was that people were the happiest when they were focused on the activity they were doing, and not letting their mind wander. It didn’t matter if the activity was mundane (commuting, for example) or if their mind was wandering about positive things (vacations!), being present in the moment made people the happiest.

During this challenge, I’ve definitely made time to spend time with my family, and working as I normally do. But if I’m being honest with myself, I have felt less present. I’m constantly watching the time, to see when I need to eat next, or to make sure I have time to prep food. It’s been a struggle to keep everything in balance. I have found the time to do this mostly by carving it out of when I normally sleep or relax, and a month in, I’m feeling mentally exhausted. It will be nice to return to some sense of normalcy.

Playing Tetris Every Night in My Dishwasher

One piece of doing this challenge I had never thought about beforehand was all the used dishes. Every night we end up with no clean plates, forks, or spoons. The dishwasher needs to be loaded, along with 7 awkwardly shaped tupperware containers. It’s sort of maddening actually. Dishwasher racks all seem to have been designed for one specific plate and glass size, leaving everything else to be jammed in wherever it sort of fits.

Managing the dishwasher, along with washing my egg pan every night, are the worst.

Daily Stats

The Fitbit dashboard wasn’t showing the normal elliptical widget, so I pasted in the info from another screen. I managed to get the cardio intensity up there. I basically aim to stay at about 150 BPM.  For the most part, I’ve been doing first 10 mins at 10 elevation, 9 resistance. Then bump resistance to 10, then at 25 mins to 11, then at 40 mins to 12. When I’ve played around with the elevation, I felt like it was becoming more of a leg workout than an aerobic one. This has been treating me well so far.


Day 28: Proper Rest Day, Little Sleep, and How Tall is The Rock Anyway?

Today was the final day of rest before the final stretch. I woke up at 8am, clocking a total of 8.5 hours of sleep which was good. I have definitely not gotten enough sleep during this challenge. Proper rest is a big part of building muscle, and my goal had been to hit about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. In reality, it’s been somewhere between 6-7 most nights.

When you’re waking up at 5am, being in bed between 9-10pm is hard to do, especially with a family, meals to prep, and food to eat. Thankfully on Sundays I get to recharge the batteries a bit.

The Rock Never Stops

Considering The Rock wakes up at 4am to train, I’m sure he doesn’t get enough sleep either. I can’t imagine him being in bed between 8-9pm every night, especially considering he is on a film set so often. In addition to “eating and training like The Rock for 30 days” I should add “and not getting enough sleep either.”

How The Rock Rests - Running in Pajama Pants.

How The Rock Rests – Running in Pajama Pants.

The Top of The Rock

Whenever an article is written about the story, they usually include The Rock’s height and weight. His height is usually the number shared from his wrestling days: 6′ 5″. Inevitably the comments section includes a height debate about how tall he really is. Apparently many people believe that the heights in the WWE are overstated to make everyone seem larger than life. The man himself has stated in the past that he is actually 6′ 4″.

I currently measure about 6′ 3″. I have never met The Rock and have no inside information, so I have no idea how tall he is. But over the weekend I was watching an episode of his HBO series “Ballers” and there is a scene when he was walking down a field at night with his co-star Omar Benson Miller. Miller is a big guy at 6′ 5.5″ and 300lbs. Below is a screenshot, along with The Rock standing next to him.

Omar Benson Miller vs Dwayne Johnson

Omar Benson Miller and Dwayne Johnson

You can see The Rock is a bit short, but not by much. So he may not be 6’5″, but he’s likely around 6’3″. While we may be close in height, but he weighs in at 260lbs, compared to my 207lbs. I can’t even image being 50lbs heavier, all pure muscle. That’s a big dude.

Daily Stats

A lazy Sunday with the same amount of food yet little activity. It was glorious.


Day 27: The Last Saturday, Extending the Challenge, and Post-Challenge Blog Posts

Today is the last Saturday of the 30 Day Challenge. It’s an odd feeling to be at my last weekend. I’m on autopilot on this point, and aside from the pain of preparing all the food, could probably go longer. The eating and training routine I’m doing is modeled after what The Rock did to prepare for his role in the movie Hercules, and he did this for 8 months. It was suggested by someone that I should try doing this for a whole year. While I’m confident I could go past 30 days, I can’t imagine doing this for 8 or 12 months. Not so much because it is tough, but because it’s a bit of a rut.

Saturday Breakfast: Cod, Eggs, and Oatmeal, all eaten at the gym.

Saturday Breakfast: Cod, Eggs, and Oatmeal, all eaten at the gym.

There is little spontaneity in my life right now. No going out for brunch with my family because it’s sunny out, or stopping to get sushi for dinner when we’re walking around the city. I haven’t met up with anyone for a drink all month, and life is interrupted every few hours to eat. Unless there was some concrete goal I was working towards, like getting in shape for a movie role (tweet at me Hollywood!), I don’t know that I’d be willing to make that tradeoff “just to do it.”

Rock’ing for 30 33 Days

I started this challenge on February 1. It’s a leap year, giving the month 29 days. Twenty-nine days doesn’t have the same ring to it as 30 days, so I set this challenge for 30 days, which means my final day should be this Tuesday, March 1. It feels odd to end it mid-week. It also seems weird to stop the weekly workouts after two, and not finish the Arms, Back, and Shoulder workouts.

So I’ve decided to extend the challenge slightly, to 33 days. My last day will be Friday, March 4. I will get my a full body’s worth of workouts in, and my first day off will be a Saturday. That seems more fitting.

What Happens to the Blog?

I’m not sure what to do with the blog over the long-term. Immediately following the challenge, there are a bunch of posts I want to write really dive into specific topics from the month. Every day I’m trying to keep the daily log going, which doesn’t leave me much time to write more detailed posts on certain subjects.

So in the weeks following the challenge, there will be a post every few days covering the lessons I learned doing this, what I would do better next time, and what everyone should adopt from The Rock’s plans.

Daily Stats

In what was becoming a daily occurrence, I kept forgetting to turn on my Fitbit at the start of my workout. I remembered to start it before both phases today, but forgot to turn it off immediately following my weight training.

My Fitbit has been with me every step of the way on this challenge, and yet it doesn’t really care. It has no idea what I’m doing. It doesn’t remind me to start it, or better, start it itself. It doesn’t tell me to enjoy rest day. It’s totally passive, and it’s sort of annoying. “Smart devices” can be pretty dumb.


Day 26: Motivating Constraints, Shrugs, and Everyone Should Prep Food

Two days ago, my wife and daughter went to visit a family friend for a few days, and will be returning tomorrow. So I’ve been on my own, and let me tell you, things have been pretty crazy around here. Going to bed earlier, eating in silence, staying at the gym longer than usual. It’s been a real party!

One thing I have noticed is a waver in my discipline. When I wake up at 5am, I don’t have to creep around the dark apartment. I can turn on the lights and make as much noise as I want while preparing oatmeal and getting ready to leave. Being more comfortable has led to me taking longer to walk out the door though. Then as I go through my workout routine, I find myself taking longer rests and having an overall slower pace, as I’m not rushing to get home before my daughter wakes up. The same things happens when I get home, shower, and eat my next meal. I’m taking my time.

Having my family around forces the discipline. To get everything done and spend time with my girls, I have to stay on schedule. When things are more relaxed, so am I. We often think of constraints as reasons we can’t get things done, but they can also be the forcing mechanism that keeps things moving forward.

I miss them, and can’t wait until they’re home.

“Do You Like Doing Shoulder Shrugs?” -Shrugs Shoulders-

The exercises I’m doing tend to fall into one of three categories: the ones I love, the ones I hate (in a good way) because they’re hard, and the ones I am just sort of ‘meh’ about. They don’t feel extremely effective, and while I am physically pushing myself doing them, they are just sort of blah.

Shoulder Shrugs fall into that last category. They have such a short range of motion and feel awkward. I do them diligently, but don’t love them. Whenever I feel my enthusiasm drifting, I just imagine The Rock yelling at me to FOCUS!

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

Value of Food Prepping

Eating like this for the last 26 days, I’ve really come to appreciate the benefit of prepping all my food in advance. By spending a little over an hour cooking, I don’t have to worry about making food for 3 days. I don’t have to decide what I want to eat at each meal, since it’s already prepared. And there is no temptation to make poor eating choices, since I made the decision about what to eat days before I was hungry.

WWE Wrestler Triple H shows his 3 day food prep. I feel you, bro.

WWE Wrestler Triple-H shows his 3 day food prep. I feel you, bro.

After this challenge, I will definitely be making more food in advance. Considering I won’t have to prepare 16 meals at a time, it will seem like a piece of cake!

Daily Stats

My battle to keep the cardio intensity up continues on. This was one of the most intense settings I’ve used so far, and never cracked 150BPM.



Day 25: Looking Like The Rock, Worldwide Emails, and Cod Expertise

I decided to do this 30 Day Challenge as a test of my own dedication and work ethic. The Rock famously wakes up at 4am and does these workouts before most people get out of bed, then has a full day of being the highest-grossing actor in the world. I wanted to see if I could find that level of discipline.

I didn’t do this for the physical effects. I have no desire to be huge like The Rock. Even if I did, 30 days of eating and training isn’t going to get you there. This is more like a training for a triathlon. The motivation is the challenge, getting in shape is a benefit.

As I was looking for a photo of The Rock for a blog post, I stumbled on this photo.

Presented with no source or explanation.

Found on Google and presented here with no source or explanation.

I have no idea where this photo came from, or when it was taken. Google tells me he got his tribal tattoo around 2003, so it would be before that. But this seems a bit more inline with what I think would be a good goal for a normal, desk-dwelling dad such as myself. So maybe when people ask “are you trying to look like The Rock?” my answer will be “yes, but at some unspecified time in the early 2000s”. (If anyone knows when or where this image is from, tweet at me).

The Challenge Heard ‘Round the World

Two days ago AskMen wrote up an article about the challenge, which was then syndicated on Business Insider. It absolutely exploded in popularity. Yesterday alone this website hit a record of 32,000 views, and the traffic came from all around the world.

It was exciting and motivating to get tweets and emails of encouragement from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, and many others. There should be no doubt that The Rock is loved around the world.

So Why Cod?

The most common questions I get are about the cod. It’s definitely the craziest piece of this challenge that jumps out at people. Interestingly, I also get a lot of questions about good alternatives for cod. Either for price, availability, or sustainability reasons, cod can be hard to get. This does make me question why people are asking. Are they just planning to add some to their diet based on this? Or are some people planning to try this eating and training challenge themselves? If anyone is serious about giving it a go, get in touch.

To answer the question of why cod, it’s because cod has a high protein to calorie ratio, and has low levels of fat. If you’re looking for an alternative, just google “Cod nutrition” and look at the nutritional information. Then google another fish you’re considering, and see how it compares. Most white fish, like pollack or whiting, are fairly close and make good alternatives.

Daily Stats

I forgot to start my Fitbit during weights again, finally setting it about 20-30 minutes in. Need to stop doing that.


Day 24: Parental Snacking, A Special Cod Treat and Hand Relief

It’s rare to have an extended period of time where you are eating exactly the same thing every day and each bite is measured and accounted for. Obviously I am eating a lot of food each day (10lbs worth!). But that’s also all I’m eating. I haven’t had one bite of anything else besides those meals. No snacks, no booze, no soda. Nothing.

When you struggle with your weight, as I have most of my life (I was one lean toddler!), one issue is usually not being fully aware of everything you actually eat. A bite here and snack there adds up in a way you often don’t realize. I’ve noticed this a lot being a parent. When I make food for my daughter, I often grab a few bites along the way. Washing berries? Eat a few. She didn’t finish a sandwich? I’ll eat it, it’s only a few bites. She wants a cookie? Great, I’ll have one too.

As I’ve been doing this challenge, I realize how often I stop myself from eating a bit of whatever I’m preparing for her. I wonder if this is part of the reason I haven’t gained weight. While I’m eating more meals, I’ve also cut everything else out and increased my activity. Maybe I’ve been consuming more calories than I realized. After this, I’ll definitely be more aware of my mindless eating and don’t plan to return to that bad habit.

We Going to Red Lobster? Nah, it’s Coming to Us.

In my endless quest to find acceptable spices for my cod, I perused the spice shelf at the grocery store the other day. I had my eye on a Lemon Pepper version of Old Bay seasoning, but it turned out to have sugar. Then I noticed a familiar logo: Red Lobster Signature Seafood Seasoning.

This constitutes "treating myself" this month.

This constitutes “treating myself” this month.

I looked at the ingredient list, and it was generally just salt and spices. Granted it had a touch of an ‘anti-caking agent’ but it seemed like a worthy trade-off to mix things up. It’s delicious, and definitely made the fish more flavorful. I also bought paprika, as I guess if I go with some salt, paprika, and garlic, I’ll get fairly close to the same taste without the additive. I’ll report back once I try that.

Some Relief For My Beat Up Hands

Since the first week, this challenge has been rough on my hands. For starters, it’s winter here in New York City and my hands have a tendency to get chapped anyway. But hitting the gym and lifting heavy 6 days a week is definitely taking it’s toll. This past weekend, my wife had done some shopping before she met up with my daughter and me in the park. I remarked about my chapped hands, and she offered me some of the lotion she had just purchased. It worked amazingly well, much better than the Nivea I’ve been using.

Can you smell what the Rock is putting on his rough hands?

Can you smell what the Rock is putting on his rough hands?

Carol’s Daughter is a line of skincare products popular with women of color. This particular lotion is scented with”Sugared Strawberry, Island Mango, Egyptian Musk.” That description doesn’t even accurately convey how sweet this lotion smells. But it works so well. I’m going to look for another shea lotion. Not from Carol’s Daughter though, because I’m not sure “Almond Cookie” is much of an improvement. In the meantime, I’ll be the guy at the gym with the smooth, strawberry-scented hands.

Daily Stats

Cracked 4,000 daily calories for my 7-day average. I also turned on the tracking for the Weights a little late, maybe 15 minutes into the lifting, so it’s showing a bit short.



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