Seven days. I managed to eat and train like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for an entire week.

I’m proud of that. This isn’t easy, especially when you’re fitting this sort of program into your normal life. I still work normal hours and I still maintain all of our family time together. And in addition to the eating and training, I’m shopping for and preparing 7 meals a day, plus still making meals for my wife and daughter. Being able to juggle all of this with only the occasional hiccup so far is motivating and inspires a confidence that I can always push myself to do more, and not make excuses for why I can’t get something done.

Not quite there. Yet.

Not quite there. Yet.

Where I Did Fail

There is one piece of this challenge I failed at so far. I want to blog this experience every day. I didn’t manage to write up any blog posts over the weekend, and instead got them done on Monday morning. That stinks. I want to do it every day. I just need to be more disciplined about making the time on the weekend. However, The Rock doesn’t blog every day, so I won’t consider it a failure of the challenge itself.

By the Numbers

I wanted to share some of the crazy numbers behind this week:

The Training
388 minutes of Weight Training (6.4 hours)

300 minutes of Elliptical Cardio (5 hours)
2408 Total Reps (including 1250 Calf Raises)

The Eating
16.1lbs of Cod
84 Eggs (70 egg whites)
36,155 Total Calories

~70lbs Total of Food

Physical Results

I’m shocked when I actually look at those numbers. It’s a tough workout, and an even tougher eating plan. So far I’ve gained about 1.6lbs. That’s nothing to compared to the amount of food I’m eating.

The physical changes are starting to be noticeable. I’m getting leaner and bigger at the same time. It’s especially apparent in my chest, shoulders, and quads. I’m not really a “post shirtless selfies on the Internet” kind of guy, but at some point I’ll likely share some before and after shots of some kind (tasteful, of course).

Alright Week Two, let’s start this thing.