Now I understand why The Rock lives in Florida.

I woke up this morning and went through my normal routine: make oatmeal, pack food, get dressed, brush my teeth, and head out. I’ve become a scripted robot in the mornings. Same exact routine that takes the same amount of time, every single day. As I learned today, I’m on auto-pilot to such a degree that apparently I don’t even look out the window.

As soon as I stepped outside, I realized it had started snowing. Leaving the house in the pitch dark, to hit the gym for more than 2 hours, and having to get there by walking through the snow is not a great way to start your day. At least it hadn’t accumulated yet. The day I have to trudge through the snow will be worse.

This photo doesn't quite do the snow justice. But it wasn't fun.

This photo doesn’t quite do the snow justice. But it wasn’t fun.

Stoking the Fire

For me, the hard part of working out is showing up. I’d much prefer to sleep in, or be lazy and not go at all. Once I make it there though, I am usually good about staying focused and pushing myself hard. Whenever I see people at the gym taking it easy, it always seems like a waste of time. People show up, then heavily lean on the rails while on the Stairmaster, lazily text while on the mat (or leg press machine as I saw last week!). In my mind, they already did the hard part. They got out of the house, and showed up. So why phone it in once you get there!?

Since I’ve committed myself to doing 50 minutes of cardio six times a week, I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of it. So I cranked up the intensity on the Elliptical. I maintained an average heart rate of 127 BPM. For comparison, the day before I averaged 116 BPM. I’m going to keep going at this hard, to make sure it’s worth the time I’m putting towards it.


I’m looking forward to the weekend, mainly so I can get some extra sleep. The gym doesn’t open until 7am on Saturday, so I’ll wake up an hour later than I have all week. Then Sunday is my first rest day. Looking forward to catching up on some lost ZZZ’s.

Daily Stats

It felt good to start to get the cardio burning a bit hotter. The shoulder workout was great too. I haven’t done a concentrated shoulder workout in over a decade (I’m more of a full-body guy nowadays), so it was a fun change. And it makes you look all huge in the mirror while you work out (if you’re vain enough to care about such things, which of course I’m much too mature for.)